Call Center Case                       

Problem Definition

The Call Center is a service used by Call Center clients (Telecom companies) to serve their customer's requests. Incoming calls are transferred to a proper resource based on call parameters. It may be transferred further under some conditions.

The main goal is to identify optimal staffing in each shift and their skill set for different configurations (number of clients, workload etc...)

Main KPI for this model is hold time and number of calls on hold.


Model logic

The Call Center operates 24x7 with three 8-hour shifts. All calls can be divided to several categories by type:

Operators have corresponding skill levels, let’s name them G, B and T. Due to the nature of client’s business (same industry) technical question are shared between common pool of operators. Other categories are client specific.

Incoming lines have infinite capacity for each client. An incoming call is answered by G and, if needed, is forwarded to B or T.

Sometimes the call may be forwarded again to any other operator type.

General Requirements

The model should take initial data and model parameters from Excel spreadsheet.  The data should contain everything needed for correct simulation including: ·        

The model should provide numerical outputs, business graphics and simulation process animation.

You can download the files from the following link

Final note

In order to execute the bat file, you must have installed the latest java version (8 update 25 or newer).